Sun Solaris 10 Intermediate System Administration Training Workshop

NUST Institute of Information Technology in partnership with Techaccess Pakistan is offering a five days Sun Solaris 10 Intermediate System Administration training workshop. This training workshop is meant for professionals and system administrators from commercial and academic institutes. The Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) is used by many leading companies to offer high levels of reliability, availability, security, and scalability. The participants will learn how to provide and maintain their domain specific application and services on systems running Solaris. Training will prepare the participants to become Sun Certified System Administrator. Such administrators are in high demand in the local and international industry. 

The course contents are:

  • Using Components of the Desktop System
  • Manipulating and Managing Files and Directories
  • Searching and Process Manipulation
  • Working With the Shell
  • Archiving Files and Remote Transfer
  • Managing File Systems
  • System Boot Procedures
  • Performing User and Security Administration
  • Managing Printers and System Processes
  • Archiving and Restoring the System
  • Intermediate System Administration for the Solaris 10 OS x64/x86-Based Systems Differences

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