Free course on “Open Source/Free software”

figure3Political science, 7.5 ECTS Credits

The purpose of this course will be to study the effects of technology on the political process by studying how the free software/open source movements organises itself and acts to lobby and affect political decisions in favour for the fundamental messages and ideologies. The course has the intention to help the participant to achieve a greater understanding of the political goals of the free software/open source movements. In addition the course will look at the political and economic conditions for the development of open source and free software.

The course will study the development of politics, policy and law in relation to the role of software in society. Subjects which will be treated in depth are the role of free software/open source in relation to property theory, the politics of technology, community governance and the economic foundations for the assessment of free software/open source development.

The course

The course is given as a part time course from April to June (2005). The course is intended as a distance learning course and therefore access to a computer and the Internet is necessary.

Teaching on the course will be carried out with the help of lectures, readings and group discussions. Examination is carried out through two shorter written assignments and a longer essay (4500 words).

Entrance requirements

The course will be in English – proof of English reading and writing skills are required.

Course Fee

There is no cost for this course.


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Final date for application: 15 March 2005.

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