E-Mail Utilities

Description An object oriented way to send email from a PHP program. Some of the libMail functionalities are : o Sending one or more file in attachment o Specify one or many recipients in To, CC or BCC o Format a message “ready to send” without sending it immediately o Auto checking of email addresses syntax o Add a receipt to the mail.

SMTP class
Description A class to enable you to send email direct through an smtp server. Currently supports all basic commands; HELO, EHLO, MAIL, RCPT, DATA, RSET. Also supports the AUTH LOGIN (basic authentication). A commented example script is provided.

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Mime Decoding class
Description This class will enable you to decode mime email. It can for example decode the mime torture test made available by UW. There is an example script to help you get started, and for those familiar with phpDoc, it should be compatible. The code is maintained via the PEAR repository, and the link below will download the package which you can, if you wish, install via the PEAR installer.

HTML Mime mail
Description A class for sending mime based email. It can send: * HTML Email * HTML Email with embedded images * HTML Email with attachments * HTML Email with embedded images and attachments * Text email * Text email with attachments Documentation wise there is a full API list along with 5 comprehensively commented example scripts.

Simple form mail
Description This short snippet will process your whole contact form. Just use the code in your (external) script and change the mail address. Tip: Use clear field names in your form. In the current version is the Mime-format supported